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Northfield student section dressed in Hawaiian attire at football game

Student Life

Research has shown many lifelong benefits to those who participate in extracurricular activities during their youth. These students often turn into adults who have higher degrees of career success, healthier lifestyles, and are more engaged citizens. Similar studies have shown that participation in extracurricular activities is a better predictor for success in adult life than college entrance examinations or even grade point averages. 

Among the benefits of attending a small school like Northfield, are the opportunities to be involved in many activities. While other schools may push students towards a certain niche, we encourage our students to try a myriad of experiences during their time at NHS. We believe it is through these experiences they will discover passions and gain skills that will help them throughout their life.  

Student Communication

I appreciate the numerous opportunities we have been given at Northfield, from clubs to join to classes to take. At Northfield, there is a wide variety of paths you can choose to take. There are many clubs/sport teams to join, classes to take, and opportunities that each student is given. Through each path, students gain knowledge and success.

Chloe Miller

Class of 2021