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Northfield Teacher Makes “Top 25” List of Indiana Teachers

Northfield Teacher Makes “Top 25” List of Indiana Teachers

Shelly Myers, a Social Studies teacher at Northfield Jr/Sr High School was recently named to the “Top 25” finalist for the 2022 Indiana Teacher of the Year. In May, Myers was announced as the 2021 Northfield Teacher of the Year. After receiving that honor, she was then selected as the MSD of Wabash County High School Teacher of the Year. Teachers who receive this honor from their school district are invited to apply for the Indiana Teacher of the Year award.

"It is an honor to represent MSDWC as High School Teacher of the Year and an exciting surprise to have been selected as one of the ‘Top 25’ State Teacher of the Year applicants,” stated Myers. “Teachers have the opportunity to be a light in the lives of their students each and every day, and my favorite part of teaching is the connection that I get to build with my students. They are young adults, and they are an important part of this community, our school, and my life. I want to be someone in their lives who helps them to see what they are capable of doing, someone who can show them that it doesn't matter who they are or where they came from, they have it within themselves to be successful and to make a difference for others."  

In addition to teaching, Myers serves as a Head of the Social Studies Department, Senior Class Sponsor, Representative of the Teacher’s Association, and Assistant Volleyball Coach. She is about to begin her nineteenth year of teaching.

Northfield Principal Jay Snyder commented, “Northfield students leave Mrs. Myers' government and economics classes excited and talking about real-life applications that Mrs. Myers facilitated each day… Mrs. Myers is very deserving of Teacher of the Year as I know very few people that devote the time that she does to students and staff alike. Mrs. Myers is not only a great teacher in her own classroom, but she positively contributes to the school environment for students and staff.”