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First Year of College Now Formally Offered at Northfield

First Year of College Now Formally Offered at Northfield

Students at Northfield High School will now have a formalized process for completing and certifying their first year of college before graduating from high school. MSD of Wabash County has joined a partnership with Indiana University Kokomo to help students earn general education college credits while in high school.

Students at these schools can complete 30 hours of college coursework through in-person and online dual-credit courses. Additional support in financial aid education, career development, and career exploration is also offered through IU Kokomo’s participation in the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s Indiana College Core Certificate (ICC) program.

MSDWC Chief Academic Officer Tim Drake stated, "MSD Wabash is excited to partner with Indiana University Kokomo to build upon our strong college prep pathway, preparing those students heading to college to be successful. While MSDWC has offered students a similar pathway for several years, we are happy to formalize the process through this partnership with IU Kokomo.”

This new partnership with IU Kokomo will give Northfield students access to more dual-credit classes. Some new courses offered at no additional cost include Public Speaking, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, and Music for the Listener. 

The program offers a fantastic financial savings opportunity for students and families. Most of the dual-credit courses high school students will take through this partnership are offered at no additional costs or at a significantly reduced rate.

This means students will essentially earn a full year of college for free.

Students interested in this pathway should begin laying the groundwork as early as their freshman year. The high school guidance counselors will work with interested students to tailor their course schedule toward this pathway beginning their sophomore year.  

Students who follow this academic pathway can still participate in areas of personal interest such as music, art, internships, and more. 

Sarah Byrd, IU Kokomo’s ICC program director, adds that students who complete the program have guaranteed admission to each IU regional campus.

“The ICC opens the doors for students to access dual credit work, to graduate not only with a high school diploma, but a start on their higher education,” she said. “It benefits not only the students but also our region and state, as they begin higher education earlier and further develop their skills.”

Another benefit is that a student who earns the ICC from this partnership with IU Kokomo can enroll at any public Indiana institution and participating private institutions with the security that their general education credits will be accepted and applied toward their major. Some MSDWC students are already taking advantage of this opportunity. When Northfield senior Avery Shrider arrives at Purdue University in the fall, she will begin her college career with 30 credits, thanks to the ICC.

MSD of Wabash County is excited to add this opportunity to the many ways an MSDWC education prepares students for the future of their choice. Families or students who would like more information are encouraged to reach out to the school district at or 260-563-8050.