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Dual Credits Save Students $289,500

Dual Credits Save Students $289,500
MSD Wabash students earned over 965 college credits during the 2021-2022 school year. (This does not include those earned through Heartland Career Center.)
The average cost per credit hour through Indiana public universities is around $300. Based on this amount, the estimated savings in college tuition for MSDWC students through dual credit alone is $289,500.

Students earned those credits working in a wide range of options we offer to earn college credits during high school. Over 90 credits were earned through Advanced Placement programming, which is the highest recommended method of earning college credit according to the Office of High Ability within the Indiana Department of Education.

Our most traditional dual credit option is provided by Indiana University and Purdue University, who certify several courses to be taught in our buildings by our highly qualified teachers for dual credit. Additionally, MSD Wabash partners with local universities to encourage our students to attend classes on campus at Huntington University, Indiana University-Kokomo, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ivy Tech, and Manchester University.